Main causes of surface damage of aluminum profile

Jan 12, 2022

Main causes of surface damage of aluminum profile:

1. Impurities or ingot composition segregation are attached to the ingot surface. When there are a large number of segregation floating objects on the ingot surface and the ingot is not homogenized or the homogenization treatment effect is not good, there are a certain number of hard metal particles in the ingot. When the metal flows through the working belt during extrusion, these segregation floating objects or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, and finally scratch the profile surface.

2. There are sundries on the die cavity or working belt, and the hardness of the die working belt is low, so that the surface of the working belt is injured during extrusion and the profile is scratched.

3. There are bare metal or hard inclusions in the graphite strip on the discharge track or swing bed, which will scratch the surface of the profile when it is in contact with the profile.

4. When the fork bar sends the profile from the discharge track to the swing bed, the profile is bruised due to too fast speed.

5. The profile is dragged artificially on the swing bed to cause scratch.

6. Damage caused by mutual friction or extrusion between profiles during transportation.