Processability of aluminum tube

Jan 12, 2022

Aluminum tubes must be degreased before polishing. According to the contamination degree of oil sludge on the surface of polished parts, one of the following two degreasing processes can be selected for treatment.

The oil sludge on the surface of aluminum alloy pipe is slightly contaminated and evenly distributed. Weak etching alkaline oil removal fluid is usually used. Its composition and operating conditions are as follows: sodium silicate is a corrosion inhibitor, which can inhibit the corrosion of aluminum, but when this inhibitor is used, a layer of aluminum silicate film will be formed on the surface of aluminum parts.

Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes require high surface quality, but their hardness is not high, especially in hot state.

Therefore, great attention should be paid during production and shipment to avoid bumping hard things and prevent bumping. This requires strengthening the protection of products during production and hoisting. At the same time, it is necessary to handle with care, protect the surface and conduct civilized production.