Technical requirements for aluminum sheet

Feb 08, 2022

1. The gap shall be tight; Multi layer insulation must be caulked, and the caulking distance shall not be less than 300mm. The axial butt joints of the inner and outer layers of insulation products shall be staggered by 25 °. The thermal insulation materials shall be bound firmly, close to the equipment or pipeline wall, and the surface of the thermal insulation layer shall be flat and beautiful.

2. When the pipe insulation aluminum coil is constructed by binding method, each arc tile shall be bound with at least two layers of galvanized lead wires or hoops, and the spacing shall not be greater than 500mm.

3. The longitudinal joint position of the pipeline shall not be arranged within 55 ° of the vertical center line of the pipeline.

4. The joint width of thermal insulation products is generally no more than 6mm. And pay attention to staggered joints during construction. When the insulation layer is sealed with adhesive tape, it can be well sealed.