Why is there color difference in oxide drawing aluminum plate?

Dec 09, 2021

At present, many commodities use aluminum oxide plates. However, because some products are found to have certain changes in different colors after being used for a period of time, the development of each enterprise will pass the specification as a color difference range, and the products within the range are normal products. Why is there color difference in oxide drawing aluminum plate? Because the coil production technology and equipment can ensure that the composition, content, concentration, temperature and treatment system time of the whole coil of products are consistent, so as to effectively manage and control the color difference range of products and ensure the consistency of product texture of the company.

1. There are many factors causing color difference, such as raw materials, treatment liquid medicine, treatment time, treatment temperature, etc. Due to the color difference, some downstream customers dare not use anodized aluminum plate, even though they have many advantages in performance.

2. For different batches of aluminum plates, the content of metal elements and the texture of raw materials cannot be consistent. After many adjustments and sample evaluation, it is difficult to achieve the same effect.

3. Because the material will affect the therapeutic effect of drug components, such as content, concentration, temperature, treatment time and other factors, the products in the oxidation treatment process have different effects.

4. When dealing with the problem of closed coloring of products, due to the color difference existing in the production of material pretreatment enterprises, the technical difficulty of sample matching, color matching and color matching is increasing.