Why Is Aluminum Sheet Coated?

Jan 05, 2020

When we purchase aluminum plates, we often find that there is a thin blue film attached to the surface of the aluminum plate, some are delicate, some are rough, and the film is also single-sided and double-sided. But why do we want to What about film?

In fact, there is a reason for the aluminum plate coating. We know that aluminum is a relatively delicate metal. It is easy to oxidize when it is wet, and it is easy to be corroded when it encounters chemicals. Industrial pure aluminum is easy to be scratched because of its soft material. Many of the above problems can actually be reduced by coating.

The freshly produced aluminum plate has a bright color and a smooth surface, just like our mobile phone screen. If you want to maintain this beautiful state, it is a good way to cover the aluminum plate surface with the same reason as our mobile phone. Newly bought For mobile phones, in order to protect the screen of the mobile phone, everyone will paste the surface. The aluminum plate coating is the same as this principle.

For some manufacturers, due to the strict requirements on the surface quality of aluminum plates, and aluminum plates in the transportation process, problems will inevitably occur. This method of aluminum plate coating can effectively reduce the surface damage of aluminum plates. Although aluminum plate coating will increase the cost, it is still It is very necessary, of course, for those companies that do not have high requirements for the surface of aluminum plates, there is no need to make a lot of trouble. As for whether aluminum plates need to be covered, we still have to choose according to our actual needs.